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  • Installation of junction labeling and house numbering plate
  • Monitoring damaged junction labels
  • Applicants must fill in the request form provided

applicant detail information applicant detail information

  • Provide the identity card
  • Copy of site plan and house
  • Copy of land title / position of the LTS site

Stickers given to applicants for use of fix utilities Stickers given to applicants for use of fix utilities

  • To apply for electricity supply
  • Water supply and so on
  • Address Unit House Numbering

Contact Contact

Brunei Muara District Tutong District
Aras Bawah, Unit Penomboran Rumah-Rumah,
Bahagian Pemetaan GIS
Jabatan Ukur, Kementerian Pembangunan
Lapangan Terbang Lama Berakas BB3510
Tingkat 2, Penomboran Rumah-Rumah, 
Jabatan Ukur Daerah Tutong, Bangunan Kementerian Pendidikan 
Tutong TA1141
Temburong District Belait District
Tingkat 1, Penomboran Rumah-Rumah
Jabatan Ukur Daerah Temburong
Bangunan Pejabat Daerah
Temburong PA1351
Aras Bawah, Penomboran Rumah-Rumah
Jabatan Ukur Daerah Belait
Kementerian Pembangunan
Belait KA1131

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